An Offer You Can’t Refuse - finished

Rated: Mature

Side pairing: Harry/Louis, Liam/Niall

Disclaimer: No, I do not own any of the boys. This is purely fiction, and this has not happened before.

Summary: Ten years ago Zayn was offered 10.000 pounds. Which seventeen year old would have said no?

It was only one catch. The offer came from his boyfriend’s mother and in order for Zayn to have the money he had to break things off with her lovely son. Zayn reacted with anger and shock. Nothing was ever going to keep him and Liam apart. Not before he revealed a terrible secret. Then he had no other option then to take the money and go.

When Zayn meets Liam again after ten years, Zayn’s feelings is just as strong as they were. But he broke his heart – and soon Liam will discover that he was paid to do it. How can he win him back, when he can’t tell him the truth?  

A/N: An anon asked if I could do a prompt. The anon requested an AU fic based off either a book or a movie, so this is what I came up with! I decided to base it off Jill Mansell’s book “An offer you can’t refuse”. And because I got carried away, I decided to make it into a chaptered fiction.


Trailer by me

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