An Offer You Can’t Refuse # chapter 9

Summary: Ten years ago Zayn was offered 10.000 pounds. Which seventeen year old would have said no?

It was only one catch. The offer came from his boyfriend’s mother and in order for Zayn to have the money he had to break things off with her lovely son. Zayn reacted with anger and shock. Nothing was ever going to keep him and Liam apart. Not before he revealed a terrible secret. Then he had no other option then to take the money and go.

When Zayn meets Liam again after ten years, Zayn’s feelings is just as strong as they were. But he broke his heart – and soon Liam will discover that he was paid to do it. How can he win him back, when he can’t tell him the truth?  

A/N: I’m so so so so sorry ugh a million times sorry for the long wait. I’ll let you know that I’m working on this update thing and hopefully the next one will not have such a long delay. Ugh, again; sorry.

Warnings: none other than drinking even if that’s not even considered a warning in my mind

Chapter nine

Liam had seconds thought about the whole deal. He knew he should probably ditch the dinner plans and that he should heal his broken heart. But that’s just it. He had been through a few break ups, a few bad ones too actually. But the fact that Niall let him go so easy and didn’t make a fuss about it (if you ignore the fact that he threw a glass at the wall) made it easier for him. He would miss Niall, of course he would.

All of these thoughts were circulating his head as he ran around in his apartment trying to find decent clothes to wear.

“Damn fucking stupid ass clothes,” he muttered as he threw yet another shirt on his bed. Damn, this is gonna be hard…


“No, Louis! That’s not the red wine I asked you to buy!” Zayn groaned and showed the older boy the Spanish wine. “I told you to buy an Italian one!”

“Calm down would you?” Louis said. “It’s no big deal; he probably won’t even realize it’s a Spanish one,”

“Are you kidding me? This is Liam Payne we’re talking about! He was the one who told me to always have an Italian one!”

“Lou can you help me here?” Harry called from the kitchen, stopping their pointless arguing. “Zayn, take the car and buy a new one, we’ll take care of the food,”

“Thank you,” Zayn said and darted out of the flat.

Louis came behind Harry and kissed him on the neck. “Thank you,” he murmured happily.

“You’re welcome,” Harry grinned. “Could you take a look at the sauce please?”

Louis groaned. “Can’t I just kiss you for a moment without you asking me to do something else?”

Harry chuckled. “Later. Check the sauce,”

Louis let out a frustrated groan and started to stir the sauce to keep it from burning. Harry flipped the steak and looked at the potatoes and vegetables.

“You should’ve though about becoming the next Gordon Ramsey ‘stead of the next Ian Somerhalder,” Louis said and looked at his boyfriend’s concentrated face. “Or, no, don’t do that. Ian is so much hotter than Gordon,”

Harry gave him a look but didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry,” Louis chuckled. “You know I have a celebrity crush on Ian! Can you blame me, though? Have you seen the guy?”

“Yes, I have,” Harry replied with a tone that indicated that he had seen the guy in more than just in pictures.

“What do you mean?” Louis asked and looked at Harry. Harry just looked at him and shrugged.

“No big deal. I met him once during a shoot. Nice lad,”

“What!?” Louis exclaimed and his jaw dropped. “And you didn’t ask for an autograph!?”

“Couldn’t do that, Lou, you know I can’t,”


Harry turned to face Louis and grinned. “You’re too easy to fool,”

Louis groaned and smacked him across his chest. Harry chuckled and pulled him in for a hug and draped his hands around his waist. Louis hands found their way around Harry’s neck and he started playing with the curls in his neck. Harry gave him a kiss on the neck.

“Sorry baby,” he muttered. “I can make it up to you,” he gave him another kiss and one of his hands trailed towards his bum and he let it rest there.

“You only want me for my body,” Louis giggled and gave Harry a kiss on his temple.

“You’re too adorable for that,” Harry said and pulled away to look Louis in the eyes. “I love you,”

“Love you too babe,” Louis replied and Harry kissed him.

“Don’t shag right now,” Zayn’s voice interrupted them and they sighed before parting. Harry looked at the steaks and Louis looked at the sauce. The doorbell rang and Louis eyes lit up. Zayn took a deep breath and looked at Louis.

“Go open,” he chuckled. “I know you’re dying to see him again,”

Louis ran out before he was even finished and flung the door open.

“Liam!” he exclaimed and attacked the male in a bruising hug. Liam chuckled and hugged him back.

“Missed me much?” he asked when Louis let go.

“Pft,” Louis replied and made room for Liam to come inside. He kicked of his shoes.

“Mm,” Liam sniffed the air. “Smells good. And it’s not burnt, so Zayn isn’t doing the cooking,”

“I HEARD THAT!” a loud voice boomed from the kitchen and Louis laughed.

“It’s my sweet boyfriend who you must credit for today’s meal. Quite the chef, he is,”

“Aw,” Liam cooed and walked after Louis into the living room. “You’re so in love it’s cute,”

“And you’re a fuckass,” Louis retorted and arched an eyebrow at Liam. Liam laughed and flung an arm over his friend’s shoulder.

“I know you love me,” Liam said cheekily and Louis rolled his eyes but smiled.

“Food’s ready!” Harry called from the kitchen and Louis grinned at Liam before he walked in to the kitchen, leaving Liam alone in the living room. Liam took a calming breath.

“Relax,” he muttered to himself. “Just play it cool and stay away from the beer, then everything will be fine,”

With a final nod of his head he walked into the kitchen and smiled when he saw Louis kissing Harry on the cheek and stealing the wine from his hands. Harry just chuckled and shook his head at his boyfriend. Louis grinned back at him and dragged Harry by his hand and took a seat at the table. Harry sat down beside him and they grinned once again before sharing a quick kiss.

“Jealous?” Liam suddenly heard a deep voice murmur in his ear. He yelped and turned around and looked into the warm brown orbs that were oh-so familiar.

“Zayn,” he said and smiled. Zayn returned the smile and gave him a quick hug before sitting down at the table on the other side of Harry and Louis. Liam sat down next to Zayn and looked at the food.

“Wow, Harry, I must say; you’re a far better cook than Zayn,” Liam said and smiled at the younger lad.

Harry chuckled. “Not so hard to be that,”

Liam laughed at this and Zayn jabbed him across his chest. “Hey,”

“It’s true, though,” Liam shrugged and grinned at Zayn who rolled his eyes.

“Whatever,” he murmured and opened up the bottle of wine. “Want a glass?”

“Oh, yes please,” Liam said and gave him his glass. One glass of wine wouldn’t hurt.


Apparently it would seem to hurt later on.

They had a nice dinner talking about all they were missing out on about each other, and a talk about how Niall didn’t show up.

Liam blushed and looked at his hands and shrugged.

“He… uhm… we broke up,”

“Really?” Louis asked with disbelief in his voice. “You guys were so… I mean,” he stopped when he thought about Zayn.  “Why?”

Liam shrugged again. “Grew apart,”

Zayn knew he was lying of course. There was another reason for their break up, and he didn’t understand why Liam wouldn’t say it.

After the dinner was finished and dessert was brought on the table, Liam became more… well, not quite tipsy, but not quite sober.

“I don’t get it,” he had said, fork still hanging from his fingers. “I’m good enough. Or, at least I thought I was good enough, and then he just leaves. Poof and he’s gone. Guess I just have myself to blame though,”

And then Louis and Harry left, and Liam and Zayn were curled on the same sofa watching an episode of Friends. He was quite tipsy at this point, and he wondered if he was gonna remember this night the following morning. He stared at Zayn’s lips and he couldn’t control the words that left his lips.

“Your lips are so pretty,” he whispered, and Zayn looked at him. “They’re still the same as they were ten years ago,”

Zayn had just smiled, hoped he would give it up, but Liam continued. “You’re really hot too. You haven’t really changed much in the last ten years. I mean, you’re older, obviously, but you’re still the same Zee you were ten years ago,”  

Zayn felt his breath hitch at the use of Liam’s old nickname for him. He looked at Liam and sighed.

“Liam… you can’t do this,”

Liam had moved closer to Zayn and cupped his cheek, leaning closer but not daring to do anything else. “Of course I can, why shouldn’t I?”

“You just broke up with Niall. This… this isn’t you talking,”

“It’s me,” Liam had insisted and ran his thumb over Zayn’s jaw. “I love you,”

Zayn closed his eyes and shook his head, fighting the tears that he was certain was forming behind his eyelids (why was he such a sap?).  “You’re drunk,”

“Why is it so hard for you to accept this?” Liam asked angry. “Why can’t you accept the fact that I love you?”

He had kissed him at that part. A needy kiss where he poured out all his feeling and want and need. Zayn had let him kiss him, but he broke it off after a few seconds, turning his head away. Liam leaned against the side of his face, nose touching his cheek, and closed his eyes.

“Please, Zee, please,” he whispered and Zayn took a deep breath.

“If you wake up tomorrow and remember all of this then we’re giving it a shot. If not, then I’m gonna wait for a sober Liam to speak his heart,” 


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